A journey of growth always has bitter sweet endings.

Having experienced previous Yoga Teacher Trainings, when I embark on another journey to expand my knowledge – in my mind I know It is too difficult to prepare for what may unfold. All I know is my intention before arriving is growth!

I’m such the observer when I am in large groups, I guess it comes from being the second youngest of nine children – many voices wanting to be heard – I tend to slink in the background and absorb all that is being offered.

I had some wonderful experiences with strangers with a common love “Yoga” experiencing vibrations – energy from a source of emotional connection.

What is this you may ask? When you are in a place of feeling safe and connected, your barrier you put around yourself is no longer there, your heart and mind is open and you are totally void of anything but feeling.

Today I said my goodbyes after a week long of deep conversations and study of the human body. I take away now what I have learned and hope to reciprocate this into my Yoga classes, so my students benefit from my studies, so they can open and grow also with every lesson.

Thrust together and pulled apart as quickly as it started, to my fellow teachers who went on this journey with me – much love for being part of my growth.






Living breathing yoga

Day 3 and I am connecting more to self and our bigger network.

Bells Beach

I’m so grateful my Blissology family has brought me together with some amazing people who I’m in awe of already – so many talented yoga teachers, hearts wide open!

I am developing lessons in my head as I learn more and refresh my previous trainings.

I do find a pattern with me in trainings, I move into this quiet introverted space in class – absorbing all but sometimes lost in thoughts connecting the pieces of the lessons in my own way.

Tackling inversions & backbends today was super fun – although my body is feeling tired.

Off to sleep to rejuvenate after a wonderful Vietnamese dinner.


Leanne 🙏

Theory and Aha moments – Yoga training in Melbourne

  • Bells Beach visit after training
  • Yoga training continues with more in-depth theory learning to understand the feeling of yoga when you are in poses. Eoin my teacher has such a unique way of explaining his teachings and his passion shines through.

    On completion of this module I will have had spent 450 hrs (200YTT, 200hr Assisting 50 hrs advanced alignment) with Eoin Blissology https://blissology.com/teacher-training/ and it feels just like yesterday I received his DVD’s to practice with on board our boat from my good friend Dawn at “Punta Mita” Mexico 2010.

    I am enjoying the interaction with new teachers, also exciting to witness their “AHA” moments.

    Namaste 🙏

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    Connecting to my Yoga family “Blissology”

    I’m in a head space that is needing input on another level. A like minded connection to learn and grow as a teacher.

    I am in Melbourne Australia Day 1 of advanced alignment training at Yoke studio.

    Summarising today’s lessons

    Connecting today with everyone is always a wonderful experience, of course to see Eoin and have him speak the language only a student of his can appreciate feels like I’m home and settle in comfortably.

    My new mode of transport is another story! Or not so much the transport but the hills lol.

    Unless the weather changes, like the skies opening up a little heavier than this morning. I am looking forward to the freedom of riding a bike for the week.

    The wind in my face – the thrill of the down hill ride is a rush – a child like freedom!

    Have an amazing evening.


    Leanne 🙏

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    How happy is your Gut?

    Gut Health is changing the lives of many people! The past year I have been a Gut Health Mentor seeing amazing results, women & men losing and maintaining 10, 20, 30 kilos of weight. Many health issues which some of my clients have been plagued with for years – for instance IBS, allergies, anxiety, hormone issues, high blood pressure and so much more are being helped or eliminated.

    I have written before about my allergies, drilling down in my own life to establish what food was the cause of my breathing problems and swelling of eyes and mouth. Gut Health has changed all this for me. I use to take anti-histamines every day, I rarely need them now, unless I have been social, dining out eating something I havn’t prepared, but it is often short lived and no need for medication. Gut Health has also changed bloating and weight gain I was experiencing with hormone changes in my body. I am so much more in tune with self and aware from learning about gut health and I am on top of foods which were the cause of these issues.

    If you would like to know more about the program I am using please click on this link below – I would love to help you with any of the above concerns. https://yoga4yachties.com/get-gutsy-with-leanne 

    As a Yoga Teacher I would like to share a 15-20 min routine of Yoga Poses which are great for Gut Health.  

    Sun Salutations – Please always warm up with Sun Salutations first.

    Cat Cow Poses awakens the Intestines and Gut – It helps relieve gas and bloating.

    Cow Pose   Bitilasana  inhale and and lower the belly broaden through the chest, curl the sit bones creating a curve in lower back and soft gaze
    Cat Pose   Marjariasana exhaling rounding the spine, squeezing belly in and gazing down

    “Use breath with movement”

    Supine Spinal Twist pose – relieves constipation, massages intestines, tones abdominal muscles, spine rotation and chest/shoulder opening.

    Supine Spinal Twist Pose raise both knees up into chest and allow legs to fall over to the left rest left hand on the knees and raise right arm out shoulder height and if comfortable with shoulder up a little, allow your head to turn and right ear relaxing as close to the earth as possible – inhalations and exhalations 3/4 sets
    Supine Spinal Twist Pose opposite side
    Bridge Pose Setu Bandha Sarvangasana lengthens digestive organs from mouth to colon & can relieve bloating

    Lie down on your back raise the knees up placing feet hip width distance apart. Arms alongside the body. Raise pelvis/hips high, squeezing knees towards each other like you have a block between them. Gather the arms under the body clasping hands together, press pinky fingers into the earth. Relax your neck and breathe 3 sets of long deep inhalations and exhalations. Tucking chin and lowering down slowly one vertebrae at a time – repeat 2 more times.

    Downward Facing Dog Adho Mukha Svanasana

    Helps to calm the nervous system and connects with mind body and gut

    Start on all 4’s, knees/feet hip width distant apart, hands shoulder width distant apart, fingers spread, curl the toes and press hips up high, press chest towards mat, relax the shoulders, relax neck…breathe – stay here for 3 -4 long deep inhalations/exhalations

    Finish with another set of Sun Salutations

    Have an amazing day or evening, I hope these tips help you if you would like to talk more about Gut Health reach out to me.

    Love Ya Guts Leanne x

    Email : getgutsywithleanne@gmail.com


    Ocean Life

    Leanne’s time on passage from Fiji to New Caledonia, a travelling yogi!

    Dawn wakes & we prepare for our annual migration sailing west from Fiji to the Loyalty Islands New Caledonia to join our Down Under Rally boats at Lifou Island.

    Momi Bay Fiji
    Sunrise Momi Bay Fiji

    Muddy anchor and chain is pulled from the waters of Momi Bay Mainsail hauled with a second reef, headsail unfurled to manage conditions of the day in between coffee & breakfast on the go.

    Breakfast Momi Bay
    Breakfast on the Go “Gut Health” Style at Momi Bay Fiji

    We take off like a horse leaping from the gates as the 18-20 knot winds fills our sails, waves on the beam, seas 1/2 – 1 m lift the port hull and slap underneath as the swell exit from the starboard side.

    He we go … 9 – 10 knots we sway from side to side, our bodies having to quickly become accustomed to the boats behaviour.

    SV Songlines leaving heading towards Malalo Pass Fiji

    It doesn’t take long & I am craving salt then sugar after a few hours of forced exercise, my head starts to feel a little like it’s been in a salad spinner.

    Vegemite for the salt, hot milo for the sweet appeases the cravings.

    First log book entry of many recorded. John & I fall into a comfortable routine as we are safely out the Malalo pass & on our way. We change seats a few times from helm to comfortable chairs, then rest beckons for John & I’m on watch.

    Log Book
    Log Book entries on passage Fiji to New Caledonia

    Sunny skies & waves thump onto the beam & continue to rock us from side to side.We alternate watch & Its my time to rest, no particular pattern we are just in sync with each other. I prepare stir fry chicken for dinner, we eat before the sunsets. Dishes done sees me back on watch.

    The deep purple water fades to lighter shades then grey as the cloud cover swallows the sunset. Dashes of red between the clouds appear and just like that it’s dark. We are alone, no visible boats in site, but we know at least 6 are behind us.

    The wind has calmed and we are less frantic at sea, rolling through the swells more fluidly.

    I hear the engine start, my first thought as I stir from sleep mmm the wind must be light, dozing, I feel a tap John says playfully ding ding. I leave the saloon bed & he falls into the warmth where I had laid.

    Green tea at the helm & our passenger the past few hours “a boobie bird” is grooming its feathers, after a pattern of burying its beak into his back feathers. A few squawks, It suddenly takes flight once around the boat & back onboard, a few more attempts to leave, circling, landing, flying low across the ocean swell, and as mysteriously as it arrived it’s gone.

    Two boats were visible last night, but not showing on our AIS, the sailboat is still abeam of us this morning & the other which was lit up like a Xmas tree headed in Fiji’s direction.

    Someone is hailing us on the radio “Sailboat off our port side do you copy?” Faint at first & he repeats, its “Lettin Go”one of our Down Under Loyalty Rally boats. John answered back, although close by he said our transmission was broken. We eat breakfast and begin another day at sea.

    Breakfast at Sea
    Gut Health Breakfast this morning

    The clouds part blue skies & calm seas open up to a wonderful sunny morning. I lie on the bow in between a short yoga practice. I am surrounded by blue – listening to music & delving into thoughts of my next yoga class, retreat & playlists to suit …how much clarity working with so much beauty & calm conditions.

    John on the other hand had an email causing him grief re the New Caledonia Rally – a last minute requests came at a inappropriate time as we are all at sea embarking on the Loyalties. A broken sat phone conversation followed by an email to sort.

    I am in heaven, I love the passages, ocean swells & a slow Yoga4Yachties flow to wonderful music I put together the sounds of drums, piano & soulful singing as sunlight dances on the water & we float along the ocean surface – no one insite – no voices, alone, at peace with myself …. this is the true sense of freedom when conditions are perfect nothing at all in the world matters it’s just you & the sea!

    Leanne Yoga4Yachties ocean flow
    Leanne Practicing her Yoga4Yachties Flow

    I spot a shadow of something big in the water & say “Do you have the fishing line out?” John later retrieves the line – what was left of it, tracer & louer gone! No fish tonight!

    John chooses a movie called “Cliff Hanger” as we eat freshly cooked prawns & vegetables with mix of quinoa, porcino mushroom & basmati rice yum! I’m sure I had 3 helpings, I am so ravishingly hungry in the ocean.

    Dinner on Board
    Prawn and Vegetable Dish

    Last night I struggled with tiredness during my watch, I grabbed my iPhone & played some lively music to boogie away to keep me awake. I usually don’t do this, but with just John & I onboard our evening watches, 3 hrs on 3hrs off, I needed to stop myself from being sleepy. I listened with one earplug in, so I could hear with the other if the boat noises were calling for attention.

    Today I wake to a bucking bronco ride, the seas are choppy Southerly winds gusting to 23 knots true with SOG 8-10 knots with reefed headsail & main.

    John should be sleeping but he is adjusting sails to make it more pleasant on board.

    The boat settled after some tweaks & I rest behind the helm on a comfy chair, side curtain down to stop any splash from the swells.

    Relaxing and pondering
    Leanne on watch

    After 2 nights on board Futuna island protrudes from the sea, a large table top island standing proud a beam of us. The wind has eased and seas not so confused.

    Futuna Island Vanuatu
    Futuna Island Vanuatu

    I go below to wash my face, turning the tap nothing comes out, no water, what? I did hear the pump running last night like we were getting low on water – I just presumed air in the tank … we were full when leaving Fiji & both of us have showered only once so far. I go below with a torch to check the tanks, bugger port side empty, starboard only a quarter. I turned the pressure pump on at the starboard side and the basin tap start spluttering water … “damn it I must have bumped the tap” which is easy to do as you are thrown side to side, struggling to dress. Luckily conditions are ok & John goes forward to retrieve 3 spare 10 litre jugs of fresh water.

    We are in the cockpit enjoying conversation & dinner, the boat starts to gallop “How much wind have we got?” asked John, “21 knots” I reply. I look ahead & a massive black cloud is approaching us, we are quick to reef the main sail & headsail. As predicted, southerly winds gusting to 20-23 knots most of my shift, the boat behaving ok, typical slapping under hull sounds like fire crackers. Songlines creaks & groans a little as it dips & weaves in confused seas, our bodies constantly needing fuel to keep up with the energy we are expelling from being moved side to side & back & forth.

    Cloud formations and Ocean views

    Songlines our 48.8 ft Ocean Catamaran is doing its job, a wave takes me by surprise & crashes straight over top of the boat, wow seas are getting a little bigger! Now this isn’t in the brochure, right? But it is part of my life at sea & what I expect will happen on occasions – I don’t hold myself rigid & i’m not scared, just aware, allowing my body to move as the boat moves, keeping a good look out – the headsail flaps, a few turns on the winch handle makes it happy.

    I’m off watch & sound asleep, waking suddenly hearing waves crashing more often over the boat – things are falling & clanging together. The boat twists deep turns & a bang sounds under the hull – ear piercing like a whip cracked – 99% of the time everything stays exactly where I leave it on passage but chairs are moving books are falling crockery clanging & banging.

    I say in passing as we change over “Its rough as hell out there!” John laughs & says “It’s calm now!”

    I sit at the helm and the craziest cloud stares at me illuminated by the moon behind it – it looks like a woven blanket rolled & I can see the pattern through it, stopping at a thick edge – I did say holy shit & stay calm girl, it may be nothing just plenty of wind! Thankfully 😅 it dissipates into nothing – a few burst of 22-25 k – it’s just so cold, wow after little more than bathers for 3 months I’m dressed in warm clothes & shivering, turn me around – I want Fiji weather please!

    Morning View
    Morning sunlight bursts through the clouds

    The moon slowly dips into the ocean in a glowing red farewell, and not long after light illuminates behind me as the sun begins to rise. I turn & watch the cloud formations & witness another forming above it in a fan like cloud with stacking smaller ones not unlike the game “Jenga.”

    Red sky in the morning “Sailors take warning”

    Red sky in Morning
    Fan like cloud, glowing red! “Red Sky in morning Sailor take Warning”

    All sorts of clouds surround us.

    It’s now 5:36am & the ray marine E120 says 61.98nm to our first way point for our destination Lifou Island. We are relieved, as the thought of another crazy night of this wind & seas – pass. You deal with it because you have no other choice – I signed up for this ride I have to finish, there’s no out at sea. In saying that, I have never felt I could not handle the conditions, I cooked & went about our time on our home each day, I just walked a little funny getting from A to B.

    The wind is blustering again to fits of 23.5 k dropping to 16 k.

    Our boat speed has been high 8- 9- topping at 11 most of this trip! The engine run for a short few hours only.

    Cloudy grey skies & seas build again … I keep hearing a horn barm barm I look around trying to see the ship that fits it – but nothing, I swear I hear it at least another 6 or so times … I mention it to John & he says you would see it if you can hear it… strange sounds at sea imagination or real? John later tells me it’s the wind generator braking to stop when batteries are at full power, problem solved!

    A few more hours should see us arrive late afternoon- a very quick trip!

    Ray Marine Course
    Ray Marine Course showing our destination we are approaching “Lifou Island”

    We arrived at Lifou island around 3:30-4.00pm main sail dropped & headsail furled, as we will alter course as the wind will be on our bow – we motor slowly at 4 knots until wind & sea allows us to increase speed.

    We arrive at Drueulu bay Lifou Island to the sounds of music & children playing, rooster crowing … a beautiful white sandy foreshore reminds us of Fraser Island Australia. A few of our Loyalty rally boats have arrived from Fiji & Vanuatu, crystal clear blue water below us & a magnificent sunrise to end our voyage !

    We are tired but happy!

    Sunset at Lifou Island
    Our evening reward a beautiful sunset “Drueulu bay Lifou Island”

    Retreat Journey in Fiji with Leanne Yoga4Yachties

    Gratitude is recognising your deepest sincere thanks and expressing it directly or sending out to the Universe. by Leanne Hembrow

    I am Grateful for sharing a wonderful week in Fiji with 9 wonderful adults who have touched my heart in some way during this gathering.

    When you bring like minded but different personalities together – life unfolds in ways you can’t predict. Each is on their own journey and I am swept up on the ride to support, guide, listen, share. Each has their own story, why they needed the retreat, some for guidance, others for rest, some for spiritual connection and health.

    Yoga being the main focus was embraced with open hearts, and the overwhelming energy I felt from our group at times was humbling. We had intimate classes, opening with a Yoga Nidra Meditation on our night of arrival, unfolded our small group into my larger yachting community classes, added to the balance of the week.

    DSC05405Our small community under the balinese style dwelling blended at times in conversation and shared gut loving meals, and parted at times for private space, using the natural surrounds to capture memories by way of art, photography or journaling. I enjoyed witnessing the blending of personalities, conversation and relaxation time.

    It was such an honour to have Jay Hoad share his unique musical skills at my sunset yoga class, his didgeridoo energy will not be forgotten by my students as the mystical sounds swept over their relaxed savasana state bodies and later at the Cacao Ceremony, only added to deepen the weeks journey by all who attended.

    We had some fun dressing in our Kaftans donated by Mimiand_Kay, it was a little like Christmas as each unwrapped to find their unique spring print & head band.

    The week ended way faster than my year long planning, leaving me alone with memories & questions, was it all I imagined? Yes & No, as just like life, you cannot predict outcomes as the universe has lessons & rewards for you always.

    As I reflect and read the words of my guests, “Thank you so much for your teachings and calmness and just being you …”Thank you, awesome” … “Wow…lost for words!! This week has been amazing … “I feel so comfortable in my own skin” You are an angel and a beautiful soul” A gift made with parting words “I made this necklace to symbolise how I experienced you: Crystal for Clarity, Pearls for compassion, African bushman beads for ancient wisdom … a tear falls from my eye, words can break your heart wide open, thank you for gifting them to me.

    As a teacher I go through my own Journey with all of my guests … I will learn and grow from this experience and look forward to sharing my love of yoga at more retreats in the Future.

    Namaste x

    Leanne Yoga Retreat
    Sunset / Meditation Nature Appreciation photo credit Sue Cotton

    Teaching Yoga to Beginners.


    I have been introducing yoga to sailors cruising the globe for four years now and I love it. I did not only grow as a student but as a teacher and my realisation “light bulb” has switched on—I love to teach beginners!

    It lights me up seeing the look on their faces and conversations after class, how much they enjoyed it, but most of all, I love their comments. Most common remarks are: “I thought I could never do yoga,” “I feel so light,” “My mood after yoga gets me through the day,” “My back is improving,” “I feel better after just three classes.”

    My self practice keeps me focused as I continue my traveling yoga journey and I find room to grow along the way.

    Sometimes I have struggled as a teacher. I find more often, not to introduce advanced asanas with my teachings, as I am often not in one place too long and it just isn’t appropriate for my students when they are often new to yoga. I keep it simple with glimpses of advanced progress from me as a teacher.

    I find teaching preparations a mindful experience involving quiet time to decide the flow of asanas/postures, music, words to inspire, but the more I teach the more I have learned my preparations are often almost void and my plans quickly shift based on who is at my new location and joining my classes. Quite often one student will change my whole routine planned, but I love that it challenges me as a teacher and helps me grow. After all, this is not my practice but theirs.

    Teaching beginners slows the whole class down, allowing transitions to be enjoyed by all students regardless of flexibility.

    Prior to teaching beginners, I take a few moments to demonstrate various parts of the vinyasa flow practice, showing hand and feet placement, also the importance of not rounding the spine. I also demonstrate Child’s Pose and Downward Facing Dog to encourage beginners the importance of resting if needed.

    I endeavor to teach from a place of compassion and understanding, emotions are clearly shown on beginners faces, some are nervous, they are questioning their capabilities, and some are worried as they do not want to get hurt or look foolish in their eyes. I use words of encouragement, and remind them that I was new to yoga once also, and that although I am teaching them, they in turn will teach me.

    I not only slow the practice but my verbal cues, I speak in plain text limiting the ancient yoga language “Sanskrit” to eliminate beginner’s being overwhelmed by not only yoga, but a new language.

    I encourage beginners by using humour, for example, take Tree Pose, they start to sway loose focus, I remember my teacher saying this once in a class holding this pose, “If you fall out just take a few people out with you”—the class always laughs, it reminds them to not take themselves so serious. Teaching the second side of Tree Pose, they are more relaxed and manage to hold the pose a little longer, and not be overwhelmed if they loose focus & start to sway!

    The mindful practice, meditation, benefits beginners by becoming aware of their breath, and instills the beginning of using their breath as a tool throughout practice, to help steady and focus them, which in turn relaxes the nervous system and centers students prior and after class.

    By Leanne Hembrow, 200-hr YTT graduate

    Check out Leanne’s teacher profile to learn more.  

    Happiness ~ Yoga Training ~ Reflection

    Emotions, purging, captured voices, warmth, energy, its going to be an epic journey!

    Moments of highs and Moments of Low in a blink of the eye! Life is a mystery all wrapped up and thrown at us when we least expect it.

    My deepest appreciation & gratitude ; I honour my parents who in death I chose to use their gift of inheritance to become a yoga teacher.

    Love Family

    On Mother’s Day this year in closing my class I had an overwhelming experience – an immense feeling of love & sadness all at once – my voice choked … my hands in prayer as I move to the third eye … wet with tears … I miss you mum!

    LISTEN  … your body talks to YOU … It has my attention!

    Finding my body health through Yoga and Food
    Fish Pose (mot-see-AHS-anna) matsya = fish

    Can you be so in tuned with your body – you hear what it craves to repair?

    I wrote this blog some weeks ago … further research confirms most all of what I love to eat & drink are a problem for me currently … I do not have asthma say the Doctors after numerous test …. but only a few nights ago I woke gasping for breath again …. what changed? “Red Wine” with a friend for her birthday! After further research I have discovered … Fermented food and Red Wine is off limits for me, as I am becoming quite aware of Histamine Intolerance as the root of my problem.

    Your body craves attention & when it comes to food – it definitely tells me what I need!  “Usually Vegetables”  something green.

    But unfortunately,  #extract Extract Mind Body Green, all those “healthy” foods that are supposed to be great for you can actually make you feel worse. It’s an underlying cause of inflammation and chronic symptoms with Histamine Intolerance

    The luxury before allergies I ate most everything, but now I need to think before I eat! Sometimes I forget!

    Flu season has heightened my allergic reactions, suffering from Bronchitis & breathing issues unlike asthma ..Alarm bells are ringing … I need to take a good look at my food intake & re-assess.

    A few weeks or so ago, I woke feeling fantastic after a month of coughing, wheezing, choking…..I thought I’d turned a corner, early morning I woke, feeling back to square one after a restless night of coughing fits.

    What changed I question myself?

    I cooled off in the water,  nothing too strenuous, but it was a little fresh when breeze picked up & its Sunday! (The breeze takes my breath away)  My body seems to always crave or has formed bad Sunday eating habit’s / or my one day to relax & eat what I want … rather than make something fresh.

    1. Breakfast : Green Tea, Greek Yoghurt mixed berries, chia seeds, green powder, honey 🍯 coffee  (same previous day)

    2. Snack : Noodles 🍝 preservatives mmm in spice? ( nothing previous day)
    3. Lunch : Large vegetable Spring Roll … soy & sweet chilli  sauce 🌶 mmm soy sauce maybe a problem (previous day cheese quesadilla & cup of beef soup)

    4. Snack : Corn Chips – not my usual gluten free! ( previous day gluten free corn chips)

    5: Dinner : Spaghetti 🍝 Bolognaise (gluten in pasta mmm ) (previous day chilli con carne, advocado, sour cream burrito)

    6: Snack : 1 square coconut milk chocolate 🍫  … I never eat milk chocolate … always dark chocolate…this may have been the culprit!  (Previous day 2 Allens snakes & green tea with mint)

    Drinks : Water & Soda water & Lime (acidic mmm)

    (Previous day water & apple & carrot juice & green tea /mint)

    I was on Antibiotics, Zyrtec Antihistamine, codeine cough medicine, inhaler!

    No alcohol!

    What my body craves & doesn’t!

    Cheese 🧀 (some on occasion my body craves cheese quesadillas & I sometimes enjoy blue cheese & crackers)

    Sweets 🍭 ( Dark Chocolate my favourite after dinner )

    Red Meat 🍖 (My diet over the past year has introduced a little more as I suffered from fish poisoning / ciguatera last year – limiting my intake to prevent a reaction)

    Green apples – my favourite!

    My allergic reactions are peanuts, wine, mangoes , chic peas ( as hummus was the cause of my last reaction )

    These particular articles rang true for me as the food & accompaniments are what I ate yesterday … but don’t always eat … when traveling on a boat often away from mainland your usual food consumption changes to suit hunger & limiting supplies.

    From my research, Milk products, Chocolate, Soy, Gluten are an issue with allergic reactions/asthma & I consumed all of them yesterday hence my coughing /breathing fits that night were seriously increased.

    Learning to understand my triggers, choosing food & beverages to suit my body is a recipe for Life! I am paying a lot of attention lately….from my research so far, it appears  choosing to eliminate these fermented foods and drinks for a while and then slowly introducing them one by one … I will learn to assess which are the problem ones.

    Hope these links help if you are suffering from Allergies or Histamine Intolerance ! Link to Yoga Poses for Allergies also.

    You will find me teaching in Fiji at Musket Cove Resort Tuesday & Thursday 8am sharing the yoga love.

    Health Asthma 13 Best & Worst Foods for your Lungs

    Water for Health
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away – and prevents asthma & beats hiccups!

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