Hiccup! An involuntary spasm of the diaphragm and respiratory organs, with a sudden closure of the glottis and a characteristic gulping sound.

Have you ever gasped to breathe & your body says “No” not today!
Scary shit .. A big HiCCUP!

I have been struggling with a dry cough, unlike whooping cough which became bronchial & now asthma attack !  I am on all sorts of medication, which I detest … but not breathing sort of shakes you up a bit & right now whatever it takes to rid me of this crazy flu I’m all for it!

Breathing involuntarily I will not take that for granted again!

A little voice in my head keeps saying “A yoga teacher who struggles to breathe – what!”
Stop beating myself up right … yes I’m in my favourite teaching ground Fiji but I will be here for a few months – so a couple of weeks for me is not a worry …  forced me time!

Enjoy Life
Relaxing on the bow … Vitamin D time!

As A yoga teacher the first thing I do is search for a yoga cure,  I found lots of great info ; Yoga Journal had some great  articles for bronchitis & asthma, this particular introduction was all too familiar, interesting read;


Title : Learning to Breath Again: An Asthmatics Guide To Retraining Breathing Patterns

Extract : It’s the middle of the night. Suddenly you’re wide awake, suffocating, gasping for air but unable to catch your breath. The whole world seems to be closing in around your throat and chest. The urgency to breathe that woke you in the first place is rapidly giving way to panic. You’re having an asthma attack.


Unlike this description I was in a picture perfect lagoon, eating lunch & an allergic reaction exasperated a coughing fit … closing my airways within a blink of an eye … gasping for breath … trying to calm myself….not working …. fight or flight mode kicked in … ran to the bow of the boat ….. (I took my cup of tea, be cool) … managed to say can’t breathe…..my husband try’s to  calm me tells me to breathe through my nose … can’t get air …. panic attack …. for a moment everything went still … what a beautiful day, a magic location … Is this it? …snap … I don’t think so! ….gasp … burp choke … small breaths through the nose…I’m breathing but seriously shaken!

Open your throat and chest with these yoga poses for asthma to ease breathing.


Yoga poses: Contraindicated for asthma. “Contraindication” is a medical term often used in yoga to describe a physical condition that makes a particular pose inadvisable for the practitioner. If you have asthma, honor your body by avoiding or modifying these yoga poses.


So Yoga4yachties followers I am chilling on the Bow of our catamaran Songlines, getting my Vitamin D on & learning to breathe again! If you suffer from Bronchitis or Asthma … let’s learn to breathe together ….. maybe this article will help you in some way!

Learning from my experiences in life adapting into my classes!

Much love


P.s I have allergic reactions to nuts & mangoes …. this allergic reaction was from Hommus – containing chic peas … did you know ? Extract 


30th September 2014

Chickpea Intolerance or Allergy? Symptoms and Signs

Chickpeas, also known as Garbanzo beans, are a pulse with a long history of consumption. Traces date back over 7,000 years leading to them being known as one of the world’s earliest cultivated foods. They are a common ingredients in a great variety of cuisines, especially common in south and east European, Northern African, Middle-Eastern and Asian food. In the UK they are best known as core ingredients in Hummus and Falafel. With a high level of protein and fibre, and low fat content they are a staple in a healthy diet.
However, there are some problems associated with chickpeas. Some people may find themselves allergic or intolerant to these legumes.
Chickpeas contain proteins, similar forms of which are found in soy beans, which may trigger an immune response from the body. For those with allergies, visible and common reactions include:
Skin reactions such as eczema and hives

Nasal congestion and Asthma which may be visible through shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and a feeling of tightness in the chest

Anaphylaxis -in the most extreme cases anaphylaxis – made visible by a drop in blood pressure, facial swelling, increased heart rate and dizziness – may occur

Extract Title hiccup by #wikipedia


Introducing Yoga …

I have been introducing yoga to Sailors cruising the globe for 4 years now & I love it!

You not only grow as a student but as a teacher, my realisation “light bulb” has switched on!  

“I love to teach beginners!”

 It lights me up seeing the look on their faces & conversations after class, how much they enjoyed it, but most of all, I love their comments. Some common remarks; “I thought I could never do yoga,” “I feel so light,” “My mood after yoga gets me through the day,” “My back is improving,”  “I feel better after just 3 classes.” 

My self practice, keeps me focused as I continue my travelling yoga journey, I find room to grow along the way. 

Sometimes I have struggled as a teacher … I find more often, not to introduce advanced asanas with my teachings as I am often not in one place too long & it just isn’t appropriate for my students when they are often new to yoga. I Keep it simple with glimpses of advanced progress from me as a teacher.

I find Teaching preparations a mindful experience, involving quiet time to decide the flow of asanas/postures, music, words to inspire, but the more I teach the more I have learned my preparations are often almost void … as who will be at my new location & join my classes, often 1 Student will change my whole routine planned, but I love that … it challenges me as a teacher & growth happens, after all this is not my practice but theirs.

I had numerous students this past season in Australia who had prior spinal surgery & yoga was helping their rehabilitation & or combining with their physiotherapy exercises, helping regain spinal health. 

I’m so proud of all my past students & how each of them embrace the practice & want to continue practicing onboard their boats, when classes are not available. 

Many students this season were either re-introducing yoga into their lives, for flexibility, ease of movement sailing, practical exercise for boating, mindful relaxation, releasing tight muscles, helping old injuries…common reasons regardless of age. 

Ilot Casey New Caledonia Blissology Slow Flow

Love what you do …. because it shines from you! 

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Sea. Peace, one with self, nature at its rawest!

Leaving behind New Caledonia 21 June shortest day of the year, where festivals of music 🎶 💃 are entertaining thousands of locals & tourists.

The dawn awakened beautifully, our anchorage surrounded by rich green vegetation spilling with red soil to salty basin below.

Safety procedures complete, we  exited the Havannah pass … steep swells .. troughs open … waves spraying the boat with salty foam. Calmer waters on the other side of pass had us Sailing, Main & Headsail trimmed, we began our voyage slotting into passage mode. Our watches arranged , mine 12 -3….I soak up the sun on the bow before watch.

The day was glorious, great sailing passing Île des Pins (Island of Pines) on our starboard to gain the angle to turn & head for Fiji.

Life onboard began with 2 new crew, an uncertainty of what lies ahead for all us, personalities need to gel & a weather prediction is just that, realistically we are now in the hands of the Weather Gods & Murphy.

Fish on at sunset, sushimi, crumbed fish, crew ideas called out … taste buds tantalised…Skipper took a moment to slow the boat as it was a struggle to reel fish in, pop, lost it! Oh well meat potatoes, beans & jus it is.

Sleep is a must, as midnight sees me back on deck…the auto pilot whirs & disturbs, my belly flips…my subconscious says please don’t be sick … the conditions are great … what’s going on body…many years travelling without feeling the slightest bit ill, but lately it appears more often.

I finally dose listening to soft meditation music, but all too soon I wake again tossing & turning, the alarm bell sounds, time to relieve crew.

The wind has died, the main sail only remains & the port engine is started to continue speed at 5-5.5 kts. Dark clouds surrounded, they look more ominous then they are … they pass with no rain or increase in wind, no necessary adjustments to sails.

I start to take in my 360 deg view!

Green tea & lemon 🍋 to soothe my throat & warm me.

The stars are magic at sea they always send me back to my childhood when I lay on the grass looking up at the twinkling city….It’s a moonless night the dark skies highlights the sparkle of the stars & the brilliance of the Milky Way splayed.

Unlike a fire staring into the flames 🔥 I am mesmerised for hours gazing ..the wind abates more …

Planets & Satelites are often a source of frustration in the tired hours on watches … is it a boat ? You almost convince yourself it is, even though your thought process eliminates all reasoning it’s too high … too bright … you start to think of altering course or calling this imaginary vessel 🚢 & just like that it disappears!  Planet Venus is the culprit this time!

My watch is over sleep beckons again … I lay in the saloon bed … only doze as  I am on call for new crew on watch.

The voyage is ending I spent 4 1/2 days at Sea … no vessels or radio communication the entire passage … only the stars ✨ ocean … a few birds, rainbow 🌈 sunsets to keep me company along with 3 others onboard & it always makes me a little sad … how lucky am I to experience nothingness your totally in a world of your own.

Totally In the hands of nature, sometimes it tests you, but I am always in awe & humbled I am travelling in my home on a vast ocean …. & I’m not scared! I love it!

A yoga experience at Sea. Peace, one with self, nature at its rawest!

(photo credit Endles Smiles )

“Changing spaces opens up possibilities, inspiration and renewed energy!”

Since leaving Newcastle NSW Australia in May this year on board our Catamaran “Song Lines” I re-discovered old and new locations to share my Blissology Inspired Yoga Practice.

Yoga4yachties changing anchorages and spreading the Yoga Love!

Finding the still place inside, living a life on the water, receiving sun energy.

Yesterday ·   Yoga this morning, sharing my #Blissology inspired #yoga practice with Nanuya Island Resort guests, ICA Cruisers & international boats anchored in the beautiful Blue Lagoon!
July 13 2015 Nanuya Island Resort Blue Lagoon Fiji
Yoga this morning, sharing my #Blissology inspired #yoga practice with Nanuya Island Resort guests, ICA Cruisers & international boats anchored in the beautiful Blue Lagoon! “If you can breathe, you have the right type of body for Yoga” (Anacostia) BLISS = Beautiful Living is Super Simple!

This is how my Cruisers arrive to Practice
This is how my Yogi cruisers arrive to Practice

“I am continually learning and growing”

I love sharing my practice with my cruising community and guests from resorts in Fiji. It never ceases to amaze me how much love and appreciation students bring to their mats. Introducing “HUGS” into class, I remember my teacher Eoin Finn saying how it takes on a life of it’s own. Sometimes I find myself sitting and smiling, watching this hug energy unfold, the initial “what are we doing look” to laughter, fun, smiles & instant relaxed radiant energy, small conversations begin.

June 21 at 6:04am · Instagram · Edited · They say a change is as good as a holiday! My yoga space Saturday @vudapointmarina ‪#‎ocean‬ behind grass rich green, students walking from circular space to rest on mats beneath covered Boatshed, no walls to enclose us open to the morning breeze, lagoon of blue is our soft gaze to focus on, ‪#‎BLISS‬ ‪#‎Blissology‬ inspired ‪#‎yoga‬. ‪#‎love‬ A gentle ‪#‎vinyasaflow‬ to awaken ‪#‎gratitude‬ ‪#‎yoga4yachties‬
June 21 Vuda Point Marina Fiji
They say a change is as good as a holiday! My yoga space Saturday @vudapointmarina ‪#‎ocean‬ behind grass rich green, students walking from circular space to rest on mats beneath covered Boatshed, no walls to enclose us open to the morning breeze, lagoon of blue is our soft gaze to focus on, ‪#‎BLISS‬ ‪#‎Blissology‬ inspired ‪#‎yoga‬. ‪#‎love‬ A gentle ‪#‎vinyasaflow‬ to awaken ‪#‎gratitude‬ ‪#‎yoga4yachties‬

June 7 · Edited · Yoga Cloud 9 what an amazing morning and Practice with some special people. We opened our hips, our hearts & grounded towards the ocean beneath! Thank you Iris Kröncke, Michael, Barel Wachtel, Elvis and John Hembrow! Now anchoring ready to surf....high on Life! — at Cloud 9.
June 7 2015 Cloud9 Fiji
Yoga Cloud 9 what an amazing morning and Practice with some special people. We opened our hips, our hearts & grounded towards the ocean beneath!

July 3 at 10:16am · iOS · ‪#‎Yoga‬ today I shared with this gorgeous little one,meet
July 3 2015 Musket Cove Resort & Marina Fiji
‪#‎Yoga‬ today I shared with this gorgeous little one,meet “Francesca” full of giggles & the biggest smile! She flowed alongside her mum & Aunty. We inhaled thinking of as tummies as balloons, holding for 5, exhaling slowly thru mouth, breathing in comfort, relaxation & peace. Breathe out negative thoughts, feelings & emotions! ‪#‎yoga4yachties‬ ‪#‎breath‬ ‪#‎gratitude‬ enjoy your weekend everyone
Don’t go outside you searching for Jewels, there are Jewels inside you waiting to be discovered, polished & ready to beam beautifully.




  • I have had a few firsts this season teaching.
  • Wonderful to have previous year students returning & Fijian student
  • Sharing my practice with young children add’s a new dynamic, fun, playful & pure joy.
  • A students inner turmoil, released through tears, comfort through hugs.
  • I am humbled to share what I have been taught and am forever grateful my students receive a positive dynamic & often a new or renewed love for Yoga.  Namaste!                                       (source:wholesomesources.com – yoga saying,quotes)