Introducing Yoga …

I have been introducing yoga to Sailors cruising the globe for 4 years now & I love it!

You not only grow as a student but as a teacher, my realisation “light bulb” has switched on!  

“I love to teach beginners!”

 It lights me up seeing the look on their faces & conversations after class, how much they enjoyed it, but most of all, I love their comments. Some common remarks; “I thought I could never do yoga,” “I feel so light,” “My mood after yoga gets me through the day,” “My back is improving,”  “I feel better after just 3 classes.” 

My self practice, keeps me focused as I continue my travelling yoga journey, I find room to grow along the way. 

Sometimes I have struggled as a teacher … I find more often, not to introduce advanced asanas with my teachings as I am often not in one place too long & it just isn’t appropriate for my students when they are often new to yoga. I Keep it simple with glimpses of advanced progress from me as a teacher.

I find Teaching preparations a mindful experience, involving quiet time to decide the flow of asanas/postures, music, words to inspire, but the more I teach the more I have learned my preparations are often almost void … as who will be at my new location & join my classes, often 1 Student will change my whole routine planned, but I love that … it challenges me as a teacher & growth happens, after all this is not my practice but theirs.

I had numerous students this past season in Australia who had prior spinal surgery & yoga was helping their rehabilitation & or combining with their physiotherapy exercises, helping regain spinal health. 

I’m so proud of all my past students & how each of them embrace the practice & want to continue practicing onboard their boats, when classes are not available. 

Many students this season were either re-introducing yoga into their lives, for flexibility, ease of movement sailing, practical exercise for boating, mindful relaxation, releasing tight muscles, helping old injuries…common reasons regardless of age. 

Ilot Casey New Caledonia Blissology Slow Flow

Love what you do …. because it shines from you! 

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“Learn how to exhale and the inhale will take care of itself” by Carla Melucci Ardito

Sandy at Grotty Yachty hope you don’t mind me sharing this!

I always cue students to remember to breathe in a yoga class. Sandy attended one of my Down Under Rally Bundaberg classes last year. Half way through class, this voice yells from the back a bit exasperated “How can you not!” a few giggles from the class. My reply, “Some people hold their breath,” “Oh” she says.

Cueing breath helps students relax muscles in the body and they receive more benefits, more flow of oxygen throughout the body, and more release of carbon dioxide, ultimately more benefits from the poses.

Our inhalations bring oxygen into the lungs, which gets absorbed into the blood and carried throughout the body. The oxygen is used or made into the energy we need to break down food, maintain bodily functions and do all physical activity.

It is a given, we breathe without thinking about it, but when we are exercising or concentrating, or in a stressful situation, for instance, your sailing & the weather changes dramatically, your caught off guard, the body tenses & goes on high alert, the breath changes depending on how you manage the situation, when you are taught to control your breath in Yoga it shows up in these types of situations, allowing you to be calmer and more controlled.

Calm before the Storm


Breath…Mind… Body… Control.

It is important however to remember that our inhalations of oxygen are only as good as our exhalations of carbon dioxide.


Find a space , roll out your mat … Namaste!




extract's from by Aizita Magaña




Fiji is special to me, and has been my spiritual playground for sharing my love of Blissology Inspired Yoga.

My love of yoga has transpired into a passion and a beautiful gift to compliment my life, enrich my soul and share with others.

My voice in life has often been muted with fear, unlike stage fright, sharing what I have inside, only to my closest friends and family. To voice in a public forum or group of people staring at me, was something I would never choose.

“Do one thing every day that Scares You!” Eleanor Rosevelt

This statement always baffled me, but I can now relate to it, and acknowledge to truly grow you need to step outside of your fears, or they will consume you & stifle your time on this Earth.

Yoga has given me my voice, my confidence, my love of self, and strength in body and mind is forever growing with practice.

Family and friends offer strength, unconditional love and acceptance, but your deepest fears and passions have to come from you, belief in yourself. No self doubt. Often outside forces or associations can stifle this, or your perceptions, digging deep to find my voice was the most difficult journey in my life.

I have just spent nine full days, introducing yoga to Nanuya Staff, a familiar playground for which I have shared my yoga love before, but of course, my self doubt crept in a little when offered this opportunity. Do I have enough knowledge and the voice skills to share what I know to commence the staff on their yoga journey?

Having just spent thirty days in Bali assisting my teacher Eoin Finn Blissology, was a huge help in giving me the confidence to accept this retreat. “Nothing to Prove, Everything to Share” a Blissology Mantra. Whilst in Bali I shared with students and journeyed into self yet again, I relived my training in 2013 and walked away feeling confident my knowledge is now cemented deeply, accepting I have the passion and tools to share helped my decision to accept the retreat offer.

I have spent four season in Fiji, and often say its my second home, it just feels so right when we are here. (Sailing now back and forth each season)

My association with most Fijians, they are extremely shy, reserved and private, they have the biggest hearts, magical smiles and their laughter is constant & genuine. They make me giggle like a little child each time I watch and listen to them banter with each other.

I have that personality if someone cries, I cry ~ if someone laughs, I laugh like a child being tickled. Human emotions, something I am very in tune with, I think because I was so quiet for so long, I strengthened my intuition, hearing and observation skills.

My retreat was rewarding, satisfying & life changing.  My students were a joy, who gradually warmed to me, opened their hearts, shared private thoughts, showered me with love and acceptance.

They embraced yoga and found their voices day by day, speaking louder, walking taller, outwardly more confident.

I held nothing back as a teacher, I taught from the heart, shared what my teacher had given me, I was forever available to them to ask anything of me, sharing my private struggles also helped them grow.

I have no reservations they will continue to grow and learn more, and hopefully go onto train to become yoga teachers.

Yoga is such a gift ~ spreading the love and watching it peel back the layers of a person, heart wide open, walk with a purpose, is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

I have heard my teacher say this and it is so true ~ “Yoga is more about touching your heart then touching your Toes!”

Vinaka Vaka Levu my new friends, I have a special place in my heart for you always! Sotatale! (A very big thank you ~ until next time)




(Chinese Proverb – Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself)



Lesson over Class Dismissed!


A journey never unfolds as you plan, that is why coming to Bali with limited expectations unfolds into a journey of new beginnings, amazing friendships, and so many memories.


Growth, however old you are, creates space in your life, it shift’s old, blocked, stubborn memories, thoughts or emotions out & makes space for new growth, new memories, new life! Peace within.


Why do you need to be broken to be fixed? As we learn in Yoga Teacher Training, we hold many emotions in the body, this creates a forum to release. A group of liked minded people who share a special bond of trust, a bit like a passage at sea for many days, you learn to survive the elements together, you only have each other & every emotion is shared as one. A friendship that lasts forever.


I say my goodbyes but I share this  : “I am not sad it’s over, I am glad it happened” much love my fellow yoga teachers.  I look forward to your continued journey in life!



Journey Unfolds

Moments of highs and Moments of Low in a blink of the eye! Life is a mystery all wrapped up and thrown at us when we least expect it.

It’s going to be an epic journey, Day 4 done and dusted and we are connected, comfortable and bonded beautiful group.

We have shared some special moments … hugs, laughter, tears.



Day 3 begins at Old Man’s surf break Echo Beach, we huddle close, soften into our space,  meditating facing the ocean …. waves crash but silence surrounds, energy flows!

The joy on the faces of everyone swimming in the ocean, indescrible, makes me appreciate what a blessed life I have … the ocean beneath me at all time.

Time …. connection ….

(Thank you Carin Smolinski photography)



“Changing spaces opens up possibilities, inspiration and renewed energy!”

Since leaving Newcastle NSW Australia in May this year on board our Catamaran “Song Lines” I re-discovered old and new locations to share my Blissology Inspired Yoga Practice.

Yoga4yachties changing anchorages and spreading the Yoga Love!

Finding the still place inside, living a life on the water, receiving sun energy.

Yesterday ·   Yoga this morning, sharing my #Blissology inspired #yoga practice with Nanuya Island Resort guests, ICA Cruisers & international boats anchored in the beautiful Blue Lagoon!
July 13 2015 Nanuya Island Resort Blue Lagoon Fiji
Yoga this morning, sharing my #Blissology inspired #yoga practice with Nanuya Island Resort guests, ICA Cruisers & international boats anchored in the beautiful Blue Lagoon! “If you can breathe, you have the right type of body for Yoga” (Anacostia) BLISS = Beautiful Living is Super Simple!

This is how my Cruisers arrive to Practice
This is how my Yogi cruisers arrive to Practice

“I am continually learning and growing”

I love sharing my practice with my cruising community and guests from resorts in Fiji. It never ceases to amaze me how much love and appreciation students bring to their mats. Introducing “HUGS” into class, I remember my teacher Eoin Finn saying how it takes on a life of it’s own. Sometimes I find myself sitting and smiling, watching this hug energy unfold, the initial “what are we doing look” to laughter, fun, smiles & instant relaxed radiant energy, small conversations begin.

June 21 at 6:04am · Instagram · Edited · They say a change is as good as a holiday! My yoga space Saturday @vudapointmarina ‪#‎ocean‬ behind grass rich green, students walking from circular space to rest on mats beneath covered Boatshed, no walls to enclose us open to the morning breeze, lagoon of blue is our soft gaze to focus on, ‪#‎BLISS‬ ‪#‎Blissology‬ inspired ‪#‎yoga‬. ‪#‎love‬ A gentle ‪#‎vinyasaflow‬ to awaken ‪#‎gratitude‬ ‪#‎yoga4yachties‬
June 21 Vuda Point Marina Fiji
They say a change is as good as a holiday! My yoga space Saturday @vudapointmarina ‪#‎ocean‬ behind grass rich green, students walking from circular space to rest on mats beneath covered Boatshed, no walls to enclose us open to the morning breeze, lagoon of blue is our soft gaze to focus on, ‪#‎BLISS‬ ‪#‎Blissology‬ inspired ‪#‎yoga‬. ‪#‎love‬ A gentle ‪#‎vinyasaflow‬ to awaken ‪#‎gratitude‬ ‪#‎yoga4yachties‬

June 7 · Edited · Yoga Cloud 9 what an amazing morning and Practice with some special people. We opened our hips, our hearts & grounded towards the ocean beneath! Thank you Iris Kröncke, Michael, Barel Wachtel, Elvis and John Hembrow! Now anchoring ready to surf....high on Life! — at Cloud 9.
June 7 2015 Cloud9 Fiji
Yoga Cloud 9 what an amazing morning and Practice with some special people. We opened our hips, our hearts & grounded towards the ocean beneath!

July 3 at 10:16am · iOS · ‪#‎Yoga‬ today I shared with this gorgeous little one,meet
July 3 2015 Musket Cove Resort & Marina Fiji
‪#‎Yoga‬ today I shared with this gorgeous little one,meet “Francesca” full of giggles & the biggest smile! She flowed alongside her mum & Aunty. We inhaled thinking of as tummies as balloons, holding for 5, exhaling slowly thru mouth, breathing in comfort, relaxation & peace. Breathe out negative thoughts, feelings & emotions! ‪#‎yoga4yachties‬ ‪#‎breath‬ ‪#‎gratitude‬ enjoy your weekend everyone
Don’t go outside you searching for Jewels, there are Jewels inside you waiting to be discovered, polished & ready to beam beautifully.




  • I have had a few firsts this season teaching.
  • Wonderful to have previous year students returning & Fijian student
  • Sharing my practice with young children add’s a new dynamic, fun, playful & pure joy.
  • A students inner turmoil, released through tears, comfort through hugs.
  • I am humbled to share what I have been taught and am forever grateful my students receive a positive dynamic & often a new or renewed love for Yoga.  Namaste!                                       ( – yoga saying,quotes)