Fiji is special to me, and has been my spiritual playground for sharing my love of Blissology Inspired Yoga.

My love of yoga has transpired into a passion and a beautiful gift to compliment my life, enrich my soul and share with others.

My voice in life has often been muted with fear, unlike stage fright, sharing what I have inside, only to my closest friends and family. To voice in a public forum or group of people staring at me, was something I would never choose.

“Do one thing every day that Scares You!” Eleanor Rosevelt

This statement always baffled me, but I can now relate to it, and acknowledge to truly grow you need to step outside of your fears, or they will consume you & stifle your time on this Earth.

Yoga has given me my voice, my confidence, my love of self, and strength in body and mind is forever growing with practice.

Family and friends offer strength, unconditional love and acceptance, but your deepest fears and passions have to come from you, belief in yourself. No self doubt. Often outside forces or associations can stifle this, or your perceptions, digging deep to find my voice was the most difficult journey in my life.

I have just spent nine full days, introducing yoga to Nanuya Staff, a familiar playground for which I have shared my yoga love before, but of course, my self doubt crept in a little when offered this opportunity. Do I have enough knowledge and the voice skills to share what I know to commence the staff on their yoga journey?

Having just spent thirty days in Bali assisting my teacher Eoin Finn Blissology, was a huge help in giving me the confidence to accept this retreat. “Nothing to Prove, Everything to Share” a Blissology Mantra. Whilst in Bali I shared with students and journeyed into self yet again, I relived my training in 2013 and walked away feeling confident my knowledge is now cemented deeply, accepting I have the passion and tools to share helped my decision to accept the retreat offer.

I have spent four season in Fiji, and often say its my second home, it just feels so right when we are here. (Sailing now back and forth each season)

My association with most Fijians, they are extremely shy, reserved and private, they have the biggest hearts, magical smiles and their laughter is constant & genuine. They make me giggle like a little child each time I watch and listen to them banter with each other.

I have that personality if someone cries, I cry ~ if someone laughs, I laugh like a child being tickled. Human emotions, something I am very in tune with, I think because I was so quiet for so long, I strengthened my intuition, hearing and observation skills.

My retreat was rewarding, satisfying & life changing.  My students were a joy, who gradually warmed to me, opened their hearts, shared private thoughts, showered me with love and acceptance.

They embraced yoga and found their voices day by day, speaking louder, walking taller, outwardly more confident.

I held nothing back as a teacher, I taught from the heart, shared what my teacher had given me, I was forever available to them to ask anything of me, sharing my private struggles also helped them grow.

I have no reservations they will continue to grow and learn more, and hopefully go onto train to become yoga teachers.

Yoga is such a gift ~ spreading the love and watching it peel back the layers of a person, heart wide open, walk with a purpose, is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

I have heard my teacher say this and it is so true ~ “Yoga is more about touching your heart then touching your Toes!”

Vinaka Vaka Levu my new friends, I have a special place in my heart for you always! Sotatale! (A very big thank you ~ until next time)




(Chinese Proverb – Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself)




Lesson over Class Dismissed!


A journey never unfolds as you plan, that is why coming to Bali with limited expectations unfolds into a journey of new beginnings, amazing friendships, and so many memories.


Growth, however old you are, creates space in your life, it shift’s old, blocked, stubborn memories, thoughts or emotions out & makes space for new growth, new memories, new life! Peace within.


Why do you need to be broken to be fixed? As we learn in Yoga Teacher Training, we hold many emotions in the body, this creates a forum to release. A group of liked minded people who share a special bond of trust, a bit like a passage at sea for many days, you learn to survive the elements together, you only have each other & every emotion is shared as one. A friendship that lasts forever.


I say my goodbyes but I share this  : “I am not sad it’s over, I am glad it happened” much love my fellow yoga teachers.  I look forward to your continued journey in life!




I have dreamt of this day for so long & here I am back where my Yoga Teaching Journey began  & My love of yoga!

Bali sounds, smells. Familiar but different surroundings! Canguu (pronounced changoo)

My driver Petu, a large Balinese man managed to be lost in a sea of men at least 4 rows deep waving names of guests to collect, it is a new Modern Airport but my wait for luggage was a tiresome 1 and 1/2 hours.

  • Petu & I chat about what brings me to Bali
  • Traffic chaos surrounds us,  so many mopeds
  • We discuss yoga and the Balinese / Hindu embracing the breath / meditation  & his culture & religion … we were in traffic a while!
  • He tells me yoga asana & fasting don’t mix, Balinese more about breath
  • He shares how Bali is so busy with lots of overseas guests, mentions movie Eat pray love & musicians who have brought foreign visitors & of course the waves
  • He tells me he has 4 mothers, his father culture can take many wives
  • He shows me where a healer lives close by my residence as I mentioned Ketut in Eat Pray Love

Deda my landlord for the month greets me on arrival at Friends guesthouse. My room just as I choose it to be, Clean crisp white sheets, Smells of flowers, Fresh & tasteful, Large white pebbled floor open shower/bathroom


My Room @ Friends Guesthouse
My Bathroom Friends Guesthouse
My View From Bedroom

The roosters crow, waking me…too early …my body not adjusted

I pulled the curtains and check the sunrise
Many emotions this morning as I try to sleep again, tears begin to fall, I question why but then just allow my body to release, many steps to make this journey my body needs to purge.

Try for sleep but just rest, listening to birds, roosters, geckos ( I hope that’s what that sound was … Deep guttural noise echoing in ceiling)  dog barks disturb my silence, locals praying … Music plays … chanting… Ding Ding Ding!

I make myself get up shower & practice light yoga, walk, explore my surroundings, happily surprised by many cafes close by, the smell of Incense burn, offerings on each drive away!

Lunch meeting @ The Shady Shack Canguu with my teacher Eoin Finn, Ellie Blissology & other assistants Gina & Gillian

Checking out Echo Beach Black Sand reminds me of El Salvador

Today Sunday May 1st,my YTT Assisting begins introduction to students and Yoga at Samadi Bali Canguu! Wahoo!