Introducing Yoga …

I have been introducing yoga to Sailors cruising the globe for 4 years now & I love it!

You not only grow as a student but as a teacher, my realisation “light bulb” has switched on!  

“I love to teach beginners!”

 It lights me up seeing the look on their faces & conversations after class, how much they enjoyed it, but most of all, I love their comments. Some common remarks; “I thought I could never do yoga,” “I feel so light,” “My mood after yoga gets me through the day,” “My back is improving,”  “I feel better after just 3 classes.” 

My self practice, keeps me focused as I continue my travelling yoga journey, I find room to grow along the way. 

Sometimes I have struggled as a teacher … I find more often, not to introduce advanced asanas with my teachings as I am often not in one place too long & it just isn’t appropriate for my students when they are often new to yoga. I Keep it simple with glimpses of advanced progress from me as a teacher.

I find Teaching preparations a mindful experience, involving quiet time to decide the flow of asanas/postures, music, words to inspire, but the more I teach the more I have learned my preparations are often almost void … as who will be at my new location & join my classes, often 1 Student will change my whole routine planned, but I love that … it challenges me as a teacher & growth happens, after all this is not my practice but theirs.

I had numerous students this past season in Australia who had prior spinal surgery & yoga was helping their rehabilitation & or combining with their physiotherapy exercises, helping regain spinal health. 

I’m so proud of all my past students & how each of them embrace the practice & want to continue practicing onboard their boats, when classes are not available. 

Many students this season were either re-introducing yoga into their lives, for flexibility, ease of movement sailing, practical exercise for boating, mindful relaxation, releasing tight muscles, helping old injuries…common reasons regardless of age. 

Ilot Casey New Caledonia Blissology Slow Flow

Love what you do …. because it shines from you! 

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Yoga …

  1. I am very happy to read these things about teaching beginners. I started yoga classes six months ago, a complete beginner. I thought I had reached an age where I had better do something about my flexibility before it was too late. In the very first class I found that there is far, far more to yoga than this.I have tried a number of classes and teachers – all different and all great. Yoga teachers are special people. I am also a sailor, but on the other side of the world from you. I doubt I will ever have the chance to join one of your classes, but at least I can enjoy your posts.

    With very best wishes, Tony Smith

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    1. Hi Tony, I am grateful you enjoyed my blog…so pleased you are having a wonderful experience with various Yoga Teachers. May the wind fill your sails & keep you smiling along with the flexibility from yoga to enjoy such a beautiful way of life! Maybe we will share a yoga class one day! Best wishes from Fiji!


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