Journey from Bali to Fiji

My Bali Yoga Journey ending on June 2nd, I flew home to Australia to join my husband and home 50ft Catamaran “Songlines.” Our weather window to sail from Australia to New Caledonia, first leg of the passage, was good to go, breathe, a little prep prior to Bali helped with final stock of boat meals, fresh produce and welcoming our new crew.

Feeling so refreshed from Bali my head was swirling a little, and I was freezing, the temperature had changed dramatically from my sweaty Bali days. Over a period of 7 years I have sailed half way around the world, over 30,000 miles, chasing sunshine, so bathers wasn’t going to cut it, dig deep for some warm gear and my fashion sense was non existent and very gray, just keep warm – get me out of here!

Songlines departing dock from SYC  Southport Gold Coast Australia  photo credit SV Phase 2

I found myself back at sea, my passage routine comes quite easy now, so much a part of my life, with four on board we have 3 hour watches and I scored 6 – 9 am & pm (+ 3 hour sleep on couch call if needed for watcher) the cook gets some perks! Our crew’s first passage was a pleasure trip, and so were they, Kate 24 an accomplished stunt woman with dreams of owning her own boat and living our life and Alexis a Frenchman/Kiwi travel consultant wanting to volunteer for Fiji cyclone relief, a great cook and delegated himself sweeper.



Endless hours staring at the ocean, the sky, stars, moon, sun rising and setting, in between sleeps, I frequented this saying “Eat Sleep Watch ~ repeat.” We pass each other like ships in the night, boat sounds becoming familiar, treats like whales breaching or birds are our entertainment.

My watches always include some Yoga depending on the ocean conditions, plenty of time for meditation and nature appreciation.

A 10 day stay in New Caledonia and we are ready to set sail again onto Fiji. We loose a crew member, an opportunity to experience a different style & motion in the sea. Now three on board our watches are 4 hours on and I score 2 – 6 am & pm, I encounter a few ships and fishing boats on my watch, but mostly I sit, reflect, admire the full moon, enjoying its beam of light reflecting across the ocean, marvel at my surroundings, completely alone in a vast expanse of water. The moons brightness takes away the spookiness of the alternate a dark night sitting alone on a watch, the creaks and groans of sails and boat sometimes spooks me & I double take thinking I hear the ocean speak.

This passage offers us less wind and calm seas, a silky blue lake like day thrown in the mix, lying on beanbags on the bow, gratitude for my surroundings and my cruising life.

We motor sail into Fiji waters June 27th, 5 days and 4 hours later and are both relieved and excited. Fiji is like a second home to us here I share my love of Yoga with the cruising community on beaches and Islands in between surfing, scurfing, snorkelling & stand up paddling for the next few months. My wardrobe “Bathers” Life’s Good!







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